"Color balance" for interior design

Colors are effective everywhere, but especially in interior design. It affects our emotions, mood, and creativity in a good or bad way. The colors are strong, but they are stronger when they are together. I'll try to show you which colors are matched perfectly. I hope you enjoyed it and get some inspires!


The harmony and balance of white and brown provide a mental and emotional balance in the space rather than the cold and sterile atmosphere of white space or the gloomy and dark environment of a completely brown space. You can use these natural colors for your modern or contemporary spaces. There are lots of differences between modern and contemporary interiors.

When you use white for three surfaces you should use color on at least one surface to make a more warm and special space. In this living-room walls and ceiling are white but the floor is brown so it provides a more cozy and warm space which is what we are looking for in a living-room. If the floor was also white we can feel uncomfortable because it can look like a hospital.

Also, we can use different types of materials like fabric and wood for making unique spaces.


Black is the most powerful and depressive color. Most people think that black and red are compatible. However, I think that black and red are strong ones by one, and when they are together, it can be uncomfortable for the user in interior design. So maybe we can use little warm yellow to make a happier place.

If you have dark and hopeless space you can put something yellow in it so you can see the lights.


Blue is the color of a quiet and peaceful place like the sky and the middle of the ocean. So, if you use so much blue in one place you always feel sleepy maybe it can be nice if you are in your bedroom. Expect that, you should use a color of orange in blue spaces if you want to be energic. Blue is one of the coldest colors so one of the warm colors which is best with the blue is provided balance.

Even if all the walls are blue, the orange curtains which are beside the working table make you more creative and awake.


Purple is my favorite color and at the same time, it is the symbol of nobility. All purple's tones give different emotions and I think they are perfect on their own. However, let's put some inactive colors to show the beauty of the purple. 

In this bedroom using purple with some bright colors and it provided a peaceful place. 


Green can match lots of colors with easily because it is one of the best natural colors but the most stunning is green with the dark blue like the ocean. Unique and impressive interiors can be designed with these colors.

Dark colors are represented winter and dark color but they can provide warm space without warm colors.


Red is the most powerful color that you have to use very carefully. It pulls all eyes on and doesn't give any chance any other color. So, we can match with gray which is less risky color. This is a perfect balance!

For a more relaxing space, you can use red objects and fill the space with monochrome colors. 

Thank you for reading!


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